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What’s Involved in a Mobile Roadworthy Certificate?

Poorly maintained vehicles are hazardous to our environment and unsafe for road users. This calls for the need to ensure that all vehicles are safe for both the environment and road use. A mobile roadworthy certificate is issued as a form of clearance from any defect; it is proof that your vehicle is safe for driving.

Who issues a Roadworthy?

Usually, this inspection is done by a licensed vehicle tester who is tied to a particular workstation. The garage or service station that the inspection is done is chosen and approved by the relevant government agency. Once the vehicle is pronounced to be in sound condition, a certificate of safety is issued.

When is a roadworthiness certificate required?

In most cases, a roadworthiness certificate is required when re-registering a used vehicle or when a car is being sold. Also, if your vehicle is found to be defective in any circumstances, you will need this certificate after fixing the problem. This will show that the vehicle has been cleared from any previous defects.

Mobile Roadworthy Certificate FAQ’s

What parts of the vehicle are inspected during a Roadworthy?

Generally, all major components of the vehicle are checked. These include the wheels, tires, windscreen, reflectors, lamps, seats, seat belts, chassis, engine and the overall structure of the car.

What is a Mobile Roadworthy certificate?

Normally, you will be required to take or tow your vehicle to the select service station for inspection. Luckily, with a mobile roadworthy, you can avoid the hassle of taking your vehicle to a garage and have the service provider come to you. This is one of the most convenient ways to get a certificate of roadworthiness.

What We offer

We know that most of our clients are busy and have to make some adjustment on their daily schedules to take a vehicle for inspection. That is why we bring the service to your doorstep. It doesn’t matter where you want it done, be it your workplace, home or any other location that you deem convenient. Besides saving your time, you also get to save money in terms of towing fees and additional permit fee.

Our Experience

Having been operational for years, we have accrued immense experience to render top-notch services. Our team is led by a highly qualified “A” grade mechanic with a great understanding of different models of vehicles. Moreover, we have an experienced approved inspector with over 30 years in this profession.

In the event that your vehicle fails the inspection, our mechanic will advise you accordingly on the necessary repairs in preparation for a fresh inspection. Additionally, you can opt to have us do them for you or any other mechanic of your choice.

Contact the Roadworthy Man

If you are in need of a Certificate of Roadworthiness do not hesitate to call us and book an appointment as our team is always on stand by. Upon your request, we will dispatch our professionals quickly to get you sorted within the minimum time possible.