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Why A Mobile Roadworthy Makes Sense

A defective vehicle can be a huge liability. It is likely to keep breaking down and inconveniencing you. Most importantly, your vehicle safety comes first. If your vehicle is un-roadworthy, you are obviously sitting on a time bomb. Chances are you are not only endangering yourself, but also everyone else who gets in it.


What is a mobile roadworthy certificate and why do you need it?


A certificate of roadworthiness is a document issued by a qualified inspector. It is given once your vehicle is inspected and cleared of having any mechanical defects whatsoever. If you intend to buy or sell your car, a roadworthy certificate will be required to show that the vehicle is free of defects.

mobile roadworthy

The other time you require a mobile roadworthy certificate

When you want to re-register a vehicle for any reason. If you are permanently moving your vehicle from one state to another, it will be inspected to ensure that its condition meets the required standard. After any major vehicle modifications, it is paramount to have your vehicle inspected. This ensures that the vehicle is safe for use on public roads. It is also a legal requirement that can attract a hefty fine when absconded.

What does a mobile roadworthy cover?

A roadworthy certificate seeks to cover all the safety components of a vehicle. This may include:


  • braking system
  • steering and suspension
  • wheels and tires
  • seats and seatbelts
  • bulbs and reflectors
  • windscreen and windows
  • wipers and washers


These are the standouts among other significant aspects of a vehicle.

Why a mobile roadworthy is more convenient.

The chances are is that you have a busy daily schedule. You would like to slot in a roadworthiness inspection without disrupting your routine. A mobile roadworthy is the perfect answer to such a situation. You do not have to take your vehicle to a certain nominated garage or service station for inspection. Our highly qualified staff will do it for you at a location of your choice. The RWC team has accrued extensive experience.

We boast an A grade motor vehicle mechanic and a licensed inspector with over 30 years of experience under his belt. Roadworthy Man can guarantee you that your vehicle will be in the right hands. Apart from offering top-notch services, we value your time. Our team will arrive at your location quickly. Be it your home, at your workplace or any other place that is convenient for you. They will then get right into the inspection process without wasting time.

What if it fails to pass roadworthy?

In case we discover any faulty areas that may need a mechanic’s attention, do not panic. We will recommend one of our own to help you remedy the problem. This is especially handy if you don’t have a personal mechanic. In the case your vehicle is deemed un-roadworthy there is no need to worry. Our experts will gladly advise you accordingly on the most appropriate course of action. Once the issue has been addressed, feel free to call us after 14 days to re-inspect your vehicle. We will then issue you with a roadworthy.


If you need a certificate of roadworthiness for any reason, do not hesitate to call us and schedule one at your own convenience.