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The Very Best Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane Southside

The rate at which road crashes are increasing is alarmingly high. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are due to un-roadworthy vehicles on the road. It is for this reason that Brisbane’s federal government, in particular, have made it mandatory for all vehicles to undergo a roadworthy inspection to help minimise the rate of accidents.

What is a Roadworthy Inspection?

A roadworthy inspection is the federal government’s way of ensuring that all vehicles on public roads meet the state’s minimum safety requirements. This certificate not only proves that the vehicle complies with all roadworthy requirements for safe driving, but it is also a requirement for registering a new vehicle.  


Does my Vehicle Need a Roadworthy Certificate?

Yes. This certificate is needed when a registered vehicle is being offered for sale. It is also needed when re-registering an unregistered car. This certificate also affirms that a car has passed the minimum safety standard inspection.


How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a roadworthy inspection varies, depending on the state or territory you are in and the level of inspection you need.  


Who Can Issue a Roadworthy Certificate?

Roadworthy certificates are issued only via licensed operators. For you to get this certificate, your vehicle needs to pass through different levels of inspection.  

Things inspected before a roadworthy certificate is issued  


  • Wheels and tires of the cars  
  • Seats, devices, and suspensions
  • Headlights and tail lights  
  • Body engine and other related parts  
  • Structure of the vehicle  
  • Brakes, suspensions, and steering  
  • The vehicle’s engine


Why Choose a Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane Southside Service

A mobile roadworthy certificate service provides an easy and stress-free way to get an unbiased roadworthy certificate. We make the whole process of getting a roadworthy certificate simple. Given our experience and understanding of the different types of vehicles, we have a quick turnaround time, meaning that your vehicle will be on the road faster than you had anticipated. Also, all mechanical works, including safety inspections and roadworthy certificates are completed at your doorstep for your convenience.  

If, for instance, your car is found to be in top condition, you will be issued with the certificate on the same day. Regardless of where you are in Brisbane, we know that you are busy and it is never easy for you to find time to get your vehicle tested. That is why we bring our professional mobile roadworthy services where you are. Contact us today for all your roadworthy inspections and certificate today.