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Why a Roadworthy Inspection is Necessary

A roadworthy inspection is necessary to prove that a used vehicle is completely functional and in good condition to be driven on the roads. This is extremely important for both the seller and buyer, as a roadworthy certificate is one of the basic requirements for selling or re-registering a vehicle. Driving a car with defects poses a safety threat not only to you but also to other drivers, as well as pedestrians. You can also damage public property.  


A licensed vehicle tester can only issue a roadworthy certificate

All the safety components need to be thoroughly checked. If a vehicle fails the test, you’ll have to fix the problems detected before having the vehicle undergo another inspection. In this post, we’ll discuss in details some of the benefits of getting a thorough roadworthy inspection. Well, let’s check them out.    


You need a roadworthy to own a used vehicle

As a buyer, you want the ownership of the used vehicle to be transferred to your name as soon as possible. Without the certificate, becoming an official owner can certainly prove to be a difficult process. If the seller tries to persuade you that you don’t necessarily need a roadworthy, then it’s best to be cautious. Chances are the vehicle has some known defects, which may not be noticed easily without a comprehensive inspection.    

You must provide the certificate to register a vehicle

Of course you already know that unregistered vehicles should not be driven on the roads. It’s an offense attracting heavy fines and penalties. Well, it will be impossible to register a vehicle if you don’t produce proof that it has undergone a thorough roadworthy inspection. This is simply a measure to reduce the increasing cases of road accidents.      

It is a proof of safety

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of roadworthy inspections is to ensure a vehicle is free from any defects that may compromise safety on the roads. The car has to pass all the safety parameters 100% before it’s allowed to hit the road. Getting this certificate is good proof of the car’s ability, and you’ll have the legal paperwork needed to advertise it for sale.      


Roadworthy certificate saves time

Maybe you’re facing some financial emergencies and want to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible. When you put up a car for sale and back it with a roadworthy certificate, you’ll attract a lot of customers that are ready to buy it. That’s because they know it’s easy to transfer ownership within a few days. This will surely save you a lot of time.      


Gets a good price for your car    

Needless to say, it becomes a lot easier to negotiate and settle for the best price possible when many people are interested in your car. Good offers are hard to come by without a roadworthy certificate.


There you have it! A comprehensive roadworthy inspection is undeniable essential for your peace of mind. And the good news is that the process is simple and straightforward. If you’re considering getting a roadworthy certificate, it’s highly recommended to work with only licensed and experienced vehicle inspector.

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